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Preformed Armor Rods


  • Color coded for ease of identification
  • Full strength restoration when less than 50% of the outer strands are broken
  • Special ends for high voltage application


Color Coded and Center Marked

For ease of identification to conductor size, the armor rods are color coded in the center
of the rod. This feature also assists in alignment of the rods during installation.

Copperweld Armor Rod

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Repair Damage

When no more than 50% of the outside strands on an ACSR or aluminum conductor
have been damaged outside the support point, armor rods may be used to restore 100% of the rated conductance and strength of the line.

Vibration Protection

Installing armor rods improves the conductor's ability to withstand the fatigue forces associated with aeolian type vibration. They do not function as vibration control devices.

Aluminum/Galvanized Steel Armor Rods

Armor Rods for acsr
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Tap Over

Armor rods may be tapped over on ACSR and aluminum conductor, but not on Alumoweld, or steel ground wire. Where tapping is used, it is strongly recommended
that the conductor is thoroughly wire brushed and an oxide inhibitor be applied.

Extra High Voltage Applications

For 345 kV and above, the armor rod ends are modified to eliminate Corona effects and
include a suffix of 'EHV' at the end of the AFL part number

preformed tession clamp

Armor Rod Double Support

Damper series: 1.Dampers ( FD series)  2.Dampers for 500KV line(FF-5)  3.Dampers (FDX series)  4.Dampers(Type FR-unbalanced)  5.Dampers(Type FR-balanced)  6.Damper(FDH)  7.Damper(FDH-5Z)  8.Damper for Across Ground Wire(FG series)   9.Dampers for Conductor Size 720mm²

Preformed Armor Rods(FYH series)
Aluminum tape
FYL type prestranded anti vibration hammer
Counter Weight Pieces
Counter Weight Pieces
Counter Weight Pieces

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P.S.: Custom made is available according to different requirement.

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Request For Quotation

You can get the price list and we will contact you within one working day.